Attorney Question: How to Save My Admin’s Time?

Today an attorney wrote us with a question about MailDex’s email-to-PDF capabilities:

I have a case with literally tens of thousands of .msg email files in raw format. I have had my admin assistant slowly going through each .msg file, converting them to pdf’s.

Does MailDex permit me to convert those .msg files into pdf’s and organize them?

W.B., FL, USA.

The answer is, yes! this is exactly the kind thing that MailDex helps office workers with every day, and does very well.

By indexing the “tens of thousands” of emails in MailDex, your assistant will be able to quickly search through them to assemble a useful set of emails and documents.

This refined set of emails can then be bulk exported to PDF documents.

The PDF documents can be further distinguished by applying a custom scheme to the file names. For example, the file name could begin with a case number, followed by a selection of email meta data, or even an incremental number.

Imagine how much work MailDex will save you and your assistant over manually opening each email. With 10,000 emails, its easy to imagine a minimum savings of a full day of work, at least.

Its also important to note that most PDF printers do a poor job while converting an email to a PDF document. PDF printers are designed for standard print operations, not parsing a document as complex as an email. MailDex was built specifically for this purpose, and excels at email file attachment handling during PDF conversion. With MailDex, you can integrate most file attachments into the PDF image; you can embed the file into the PDF document; you can extract the document to the hard drive; or you can ignore the attachments. All in a single operation.

There’s many ways that MailDex helps law offices and legal assistants do their work more efficiently, saving you and your clients money.

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