Forwarding and Replying to Old Emails Using MailDex

MailDex is the place where all of your personal or company emails go to become a productive, useful and searchable archive. MailDex is project-based, which means you can use it to group emails into separate areas, removing completed projects from the index. Use MailDex to manage millions of emails, or just a few thousand important emails.

Replying to an email that has been indexed in MailDex

If you find an email that is appropriate to forward or respond to, MailDex can call your default Windows email application. It will pass the text of the indexed message to your email client.

To forward or reply to an email that has been index in MailDex, first click on the message so it is shown in the viewing pane.

Next, go to the Mail tab and select either Reply, Reply All, or Forward.

MailDex will then pass the text to your default Windows email client. In our example above, we have passed the archived email text over to the popular Thunderbird email client. MailDex will also work with Microsoft Outlook and most other email clients.

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