How to Index Outlook Emails

MailDex software for Windows can index Microsoft Outlook emails that you can easily search using advanced search terms.

You can add different Outlook email file types to your MailDex index, including any .PST, .OST. or .MSG email files.

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Add any number of email files to an index. If your project includes dozens of Outlook PST or OST files, and perhaps thousands of .MSG email files, you can add these different file types to the same MailDex index.

In addition to Outlook emails, MailDex will also read your MBOX and EML email file content.

Creating an Email Index for Outlook Files

After installing MailDex, click “New” to create a new indexing project. Give the project a meaningful name.

Click New to Create an Email Indexing Project.

MailDex can help you locate email content on your computer. Select the “Import Emails” button, and MailDex will search locations on your hard drive where emails are often stored.

When email content is added to your MailDex project, the indexing process will automatically begin and continue until complete. The status of the indexing operation can be seen in the project list.

Email Index Status

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