Indexing Email File Attachments with MailDex.

With the release of MailDex 2021, it became possible to index many common file types that are often attached to email messages.

Indexing email file attachments begins with first creating a new MailDex indexing project. From the mail tab, click “New”. This will bring up the “New Project” window. This is where you can you select “Index Attachments.”

Name your project, and then click “Ok.”

Now any emails with file attachments that are added to your new project will have the files indexed. While searching the index, the results will contain emails that include matches within the file attachments.

Remember that indexing emails will noticeably increase the amount of time required to build an email index, so please allow additional time.

More information about MailDex or a 15 day free trial, visit the product home page:

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