MailDex 2021 is Now Available

Hi everyone,
I’m pleased to announce that MailDex 2021 is now available. Thanks to Velja and Antonio for bringing this update across the finish line on time.

You can update your software from within MailDex. You can also download the signed file directly from us, the publishers.

What’s in this update?

MailDex can now index most email file attachments, and include them in search results. You can choose whether or not to index file attachments. Indexing attachments will noticeably increase the length of the indexing operation. If attachments are not important, you can finish indexing faster by not including them. We also improved our language translations. There are lots of other improvements, too. I’ve included the full change log for this MailDex update below.

MailDex 1.5.3 – Release notes
Release date: 11/5/2020

New Features:
MDX-389- Added search results control bar in settings
MDX-385 – Added Indexing with attachments and without (per project)
MDX-392 – Added emails display limitation

MDX-395 – Language improvements
MDX-402/MDX-390 – Improved enumeration GUI
MDX-401 – Enhanced project handling
MDX-403/MDX-400 – Improved GUI when closing the program
MDX-398 – Enhanced the settings memory for future upgrades
MDX-396 – Improved attachment exports
MDX-394 – Improved GUI in the settings menu
MDX-391 – Improved handling of unstable .pst files

MDX-387 – Fixed the handling duplicate files (per project)
MDX-384- Fixed the handling of attachments with VB Macros
MDX-380- Fixed the custom naming schema
MDX-388- Re-enabled project renaming

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