MailDex Email Viewer/Converter Has Been Updated! Get Version 1.5.13

We are working every day to improve MailDex and make it more helpful to your work with email. In this release, we worked with customers to solve some issues caused by malformatted email content. We also added a number row, improved the GUI glitches, and fixed a printing bug.

MDX-442 Add a number colum

MDX-444 Printing and Print preview are not working properly
MDX-443 Single Word file causes an error
MDX-441 Site License package displays an error when exporting
MDX-440 Mail opening in a new window may not display some message content
MDX-438 Problem interacting with some attachments from the main application
MDX-437 Some attachments may not display nor export as shown
MDX-435 Unable to save elements in custom naming schema
MDX-101 Unable to Read File Error message resolved
MDX-43 Improved an issue with mail files content taking too long to display

MailDex is a powerful, multi-format email viewer, formatter, and search system for Microsoft Windows. MailDex helps you view emails formatted as Outlook .pst, .ost, .msg, and .eml or .mbox files. Import emails into a MailDex index for fast searches. Export selected emails or entire files to PDF and other useful formats. Emails formatted to PDF can have attachments included in the image, or embedded within the PDF file.

MailDex is free to try, or just $129 for a perpetual license and a year of updates and support. Using MailDex as your first-pass email discovery tool can save you thousands of dollars on professional services.

Get the MailDex update or learn more about MailDex on the product’s home page.

Support Team

Providing support for Encryptomatic MailDex, the affordable way to index, search, discover and convert email messages. Learn more at Encryptomatic LLC was founded in 2005 to help people do important work with email. We are the software developers behind MailDex. Contact our support team at 1-701-566-6731 x1 Get help with any of our software products at

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