What happens after you purchase MailDex license?

The 15 day free trial went well, and so you have just taken the leap and purchased a license of MailDex software. Now what happens?

The good news is that you are not alone. Our support team is here to help you get the most out of your MailDex software.

Here’s a few things you should know.

After purchasing MailDex, you will receive an email from Encryptomatic LLC containing an license code, and a link to download the software. If you have already installed MailDex (perhaps you were running the free trial), there is no need to download it again. The software you have already installed can be converted to the fully licensed version by entering the activation code.

Your license is perpetual for this version of MailDex. It will not expire. And you receive free udpates for a full year. After that, you can choose to continue receiving updates for 25% of the purchase price. Continuing to receive updates is optional and not required.

If you have not installed MailDex yet, then go ahead and download it from the link in the email or from our website. Run the installer and follow the prompts.

To activate MailDex, restart the software. On startup, you will be prompted to enter a license code. Copy and paste the code that was emailed to you. When the software is successfully activated, you will see this screen.

Successful activation of MailDex software.

You can see the license status of MailDex and check for software updates from inside the software. To do this, go to the Help tab.

Registration information and Check for Software Updates.

Tip: If you update computer, you can move your MailDex license to your new computer. To reset your license, simply uninstall MailDex from your first computer. Now you can activate MailDex on your new computer.

Contacting Support

Encryptomatic LLC provides several channels for support.

The best place to begin is on our customer support web portal. Here you will find the available ways we can be contacted for assistance, which includes email, online ticketing, telephone, and live chat.

Which support method should you choose?

That depends on you, and what is most convenient for you at the moment you need help.

Of course, the “no brainer” place to begin is to check the online MailDex manual to see if you can immediately answer your question.We have chosen industry standard Atlassian’s Confluence system to organize and host MailDex documentation. Confluence is designed to connect you to the answers you need, right away.

Telephone and live online chat support is available Monday through Friday during U.S. Central Standard Time (-6 UTC) business hours. To us, that’s 8 am until 5 pm. Its a great way to get answers to quick questions about why something works a certain way, or how to accomplish something specific. If our support people have an open line (which is often), your call should be answered immediately. If all the lines are busy, leave a message and we’ll call you back.

Email support is available 24 hours because we work with great people all over the world. Expect a reply to your email within six to one hour time period.

Is your issue fairly complex? Are you working on a multi-step project, or do you have a specific need? Perhaps you have question about customization? Is the software (oh no!) not behaving as expected, and you want to share a photo or video of what is happening? In complex situations where a longer explanation is necessary, we ask you to please open a help ticket through our Jira system. Jira captures your issue in your words and lets us share it with our QA team for issue discovery, and then to our development team for issue resolution. It also lets us track your satisfaction with how we have handled your issue.

We’re glad that you have chosen MailDex, and happy to have you as a customer. Please reach out us if you are having any problems. We want you to get the full value and benefit of your MailDex software. Let us know how we can help!