How to Search for Email Containing a Specific File Attachment Name

If you are looking for a specific file attached to one email among hundreds of thousands or millions, MailDex can help you.

MailDex has an advanced search capability that allows you to define very specific searches, right down to the name of an email file attachment.

Advanced email search function in MailDex.
Location of MailDex Advanced email Search

Advanced Search is located on the Search tab in MailDex. Click on it to bring up the next menu and define your search.

Search and find email file attachments by file name with MailDex.
Searching for email file attachment by name in MailDex.

Choose the “attachmentfilename” function and enter the file name and click “Find.” All matches will be displayed in the MailDex mail list.

With MailDex, you can search all of your email indices, or just select indices. You can also save searches for future use.

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