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Before there was world wide web, there was email. Before there was Facebook, there was, ‘Reply All.’ Long before Instagram, we attached jpg’s of our kids to emails. Today, businesses still run on email. Venerable email has been and will continue to be an important legal, historical, business and personal record that needs to be preserved.

The problem with email is that it piles up! It becomes difficult to find the important messages when you want them without trusting your personal email history to a centralized cloud service.

MailDex by Encryptomatic LLC returns control of your email history to you.

With MailDex, you can find important messages instantly. MailDex indexes your email content and gives you an easy to use search dashboard. You can index millions of emails with MailDex and easily find the important messages when you need them.

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MailDex is your central, searchable store for your email communications, and its under your control at all times, not hosted in someone else’s cloud.

Project Driven

Start by creating a MailDex project. You can have as many projects as you want. Give your new MailDex project a meaningful name. Each project can hold an unlimited number emails. You can put all of your emails into a single project if you wish.

If you are using MailDex to discover and search emails for business or legal purposes, it may be convenient to have multiple projects. When a project is finished, you can delete it.

Organize emails into color coded projects with meaningful names.

Start adding email files to your project. You can select individual email files, or select an entire folder of email files. MailDex even knows where to search on your computer to discover email files. MailDex gives you the option to index emails only, or you can create an index with emails and file attachments.

Email Visualization Charts and Graphics

Use visualization to identify important email trends and data.

MailDex returns fast answers to your email search term queries. Since MailDex 2019, you can also visualize the results of your email search in charts and graphs. This is a powerful capability that was previously only available in a few high end, expensive email discovery software packages. Email visualization is now a standard MailDex feature.

Supports All Common Email File Types

  • Pst
  • Ost
  • Msg
  • Mbox
  • Mhtml
  • Eml
  • Emlx
  • MHT/Mhtml

MailDex can import emails from Microsoft Outlook .pst, .ost, .msg email files, as well as .mbox, .mhtml and .eml email files used in Thunderbird and other email clients.

Fast Index Search

MailDex builds and maintains a searchable index of your email content. Optionally elect to index email file attachments! You can search across all of your email content to find the important messages you need.

Search MailDex’s lightning fast index to find important emails fast.

Email Conversion

MailDex has powerful email conversion capabilities, especially with email-to-PDF document conversion.

Create unique export profiles which will instantly begin converting email messages to the target format, applying any of the numerous options to the operation. For example, an export profile could convert emails to PDF, while giving the PDF documents a specific name that includes metadata, then copying the files to a specific folder. Using MailDex export profiles creatively will save you many hours of time.

MailDex can also export email content into XML documents so they can be easily imported elsewhere.

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